Project Information Project Information

The Liberia Social Safety Nets Project (LSSN) Project is an integrated system consisting of web and mobile systems to build a Social Protection system for improved protection of the poorest and most vulnerable households and groups from poverty, deprivation, and hunger and enhanced resilience to risks and shocks.

LSSN project is aimed to meet following targets in Liberia:

  • Strengthening of the national social safety net system.

  • Cash transfers to extremely poor and food insecure households.

About SRIS About SRIS

SRIS is part of LSSN project to support outreach, intake, registration, and determination of potential eligibility for one or more social programs. The SRIS has bot​h a social policy role, as inclusion systems, and an operational role, as information systems that collects, organizes, stores, processes, transforms, creates and distributes information for the predefined.
In particular, the SR will gather information on both potential and actual beneficiaries of existing SP programs. The Social Registry will feed eligibility information to social program(s) for enrolment decisions which lead to the creation of a beneficiary registries.

SRIS Components SRIS Components

Social Registry Information System has following components.

  • User Management.

  • Survey Management and planning.

  • Survey Data Management/Quality Assurance.

  • Dashboard.

  • HH Categorization.

  • Partner Registration and Data sharing.

  • Case Management System.

  • Biometric de-duplication and adjudication.